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Platinum Street Lighting Solutions has designed and implemented a fantastic Data Collection Software Platform that our clients love.

All our staff have access to this software via their work mobiles phones out on site to capture and submit a vast amount of information about the works they have completed. Even without an Internet connection they are able to work offline.This enables us to capture live data and instantly send data to clients at the click of a button. We can send our clients as much or as little data as they require. We can also easily insert this data onto existing client documents.  

We are able to distribute the Data and Reports directly to our clients by, PDF, Excel, Word, Json, XML, CSV, and more.

By using this software, ourselves and our clients have eliminated the need for paper forms and transformed all this information onto digital forms.


We are able to capture all types of data including alpha numeric, photos, audio, video, digital signatures, date/time, GPS Location Stamping, Drawings and more.

Please see example below of a typical day sheet.

Please feel free to contact us for more information

fs ds 1.png
fs ds 2.png
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